Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Importance of The Importance of Being Furness

The first entry's of blogs are always so awkward... They usually start of with "Hi, this my name and this is my mum, and this is my best friend, and this is my dog that I had when I was little, and this is the collar he used to have, and this is a picture of when I was 10 when I ran into the wall of a train station because I was trying to get into platform 9 3/4 ... etc (btw, REALLY wish I actually did that last thing.) I can't promise mine will be less about me, but I can promise that I'm gonna make it more interesting, (or try to anyway.) Because of this, this isn't going to be the first blog, but the sort of intro-blog. Why it is important. Let me start off, before explaining the name of the blog, by saying that I feel this is a little bit weird. I am writing about myself to who, exactly? I guess to anyone, as I hear that's what makes the internet so popular; the fact anyone can access it with a computer. As long as you've got a computer, I am writing to you then! But to be honest, that's not even true! You could be reading this on an iPhone, BlackBerry or probably even Tamagotchi nowadays. The new rules of internet dictate that you can go online anywhere, any time, in any way. In fact, you could be reading this on a tram, or at the beach or at a club or something (though seriously, if you are, put away your phone and sort your life out!) Putting all that aside though, you are most-likely reading this due to my insane [READ MY BLOG] status' on Facebook, which means you know who I am. If so, humour me for a moment. I'm Lian Furness! I'm 16, and despite being British, I have lived in Hong Kong for about four years. If you're one of those 'OhwowcoolJapan!' or 'DoyouspeakHongKonganese?' people, Hong Kong is basically very South China, but it's kind of it's own country, but Chinese, but not. Confusion. Anyway, before that I lived in Jersey (not New Jersey, but normal Jersey, which is a British Island near France,) and before that, I lived in Southampton, England. So my life's been rather interesting, probably due to the fact that I've moved around, travelled a lot, and I have the sort of parents and brother that always like doing new things. I've witnessed and experienced a lot, most of which has taught me stuff. Sound's cheesy, but it's true, I try and learn from things I do wrong (which is surprisingly become less and less during my teenage years, contrary to popular belief among adults.) When I was four, for example, I was a pageboy at my second-cousin Suzie's wedding. They put me in this little grey suit, and my big brother and I had to carry the rings down the aisle on these pillows, all fancy and stuff. The problem was, I was quite little, and the suit I was wearing was just that tiny bit too big for me, so I would have to keep pulling up my trousers (not much has changed.) But apparently I looked smart, and I was chuffed to be in a wedding. To start things off, I trod on the bride's dress as we were entering, causing a small rip in it, which is something I don't remember mentioning to Suzie, (sorry Suzie, if you're reading this.) I won't lie, wasn't the best start to a wedding. But, I was a big boy, and I had a job to do! So I was given the pillow with the ring on it, and began to walk down the aisle behind poor Suzie and her ripped dress. As I was walking, about half way down the aisle, my trousers fall down. My instant reaction was to pull them up, but as a consequence, I let go of one end of the pillow I was holding causing the ring to fall on the floor. There is an actual photo in my Nan's bathroom of me standing in the middle of the ceremony, one hand holding my trousers up, the other holding an empty pillow completely slanted, crying my eyes out. (sorry Suzie, once more, if you're reading!) I know this is starting to sound like the introduction to 27 Dresses, so I'll get to the point- this sort of early experience taught me how to multi-task! Sounds stupid, but it did. I knew from then on to be aware that you didn't have to just do one thing at a time. This is a given in terms of basic human knowledge, but how many of you are aware of when you first learnt this? Anyway, back to the point of my blog. I hope that little anecdote started my blogging experience off okay. The Importance of Being Furness is really about me. (Well, as I said, my surname is Furness) but I'm going to try and use it to be creative and expressive. I'm a film maker, by the way (check out some of my stuffs here,) so if you hear me mentioning film a lot, then that's probably why :)

Hope you enjoy my ramblings :)

Lian xx

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  1. god dayum thats alot of writing boii
    haha jj ;)
    all you need is more pretty pictures of ms miller ;)